Laura Parker and the school promotion. Chapter 2.

   Laura went to school for the 1st time with her new backpack than Alan offered her from Harajuku. 

   More than the backpack itself, Alan gave to her sister a very special pencil trousers, and some cute pencil making a perfect mix of genre for the cute girl she was. 

   Laura was exciting to let her friends meet her new favorite backpack and she was not disappointed by their reaction.

   She was a popular school student. As beloved by her friends who wanted to be popular as stared by other guys, even older. She was pretty and stylish, and in despite of all her natural qualities, she acted modest which actually made her even more pretty and stylish.

   She was the advisor of a special council she created under idea of her brother. Girls reunited to defend the interest of the weaker girls. It was because she felt so lonely at a time than Alan had this idea. He wanted his sister being surrounded by friends, and love.

   The day she went back to school with the bag, her friends felt in love with the backpack, they all wanted the same, or at least, something similar. She has to ask to Alan, after school, to find something relevant to grant their wishes.

Pink collection backpack Garden


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